IJLES Volume - 6 Issue - 3 May to June 2023
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1 Chi-Square Analysis of the Relationship between Number of Hours of Study and Grades Attained

Authors : Are, S. O., Okorafor, U., Nnamani,F. C.

DOI: 10.51386/25816659/ijles-v6i3p101
2 Generalized Autoregressive Conditional Heteroskedasticity (Garch) Modeling of the Volatility of Exchange Rate on Stock Indices

Authors : Okorafor, U. Are, S. O., Adeboun,T. D

DOI: 10.51386/25816659/ijles-v6i3p102
3 Spiritual Needs and Well-Being of Graduate School Students in a Catholic University: Basis for a Spiritual Formation Program

Authors : Sr. Delia Anthony M. Sebastian, Carm. O. L., Anna Kathrina O. Watin, Glenn R. Andrin, Liza L. Chua, Mario Ramil Pepito, Herbert G. Acedo, Nenita S. Acedo

DOI: 10.51386/25816659/ijles-v6i3p103
4 Senior High School Student’s Experiences on the Alternative Delivery Mode (ADM) Implementation

Authors : Jay Ar Protabes Ronda, Mildin Jeminez Retutas

DOI: 10.51386/25816659/ijles-v6i3p104