IJLES Volume - 2 Issue - 4 July to August 2019
S.No Title / Author Name Page No
1 Characterization of Mechanical and Tribological Properties of Aluminium alloy based Hybrid Composites Reinforced with Cotton Shell Ash and Silicon Carbide

Authors : Pamarthi Harish, Veeranki Mohan Srikanth, P Ravindra Babu, M. R. Ch. Sastry, KCh Kishore Kumar
2 Generalized Data Based Model to Improve the Productivity of Smart World Flexible Manufacturing System: 2020

Authors : Dr. M. S. Dhande
3 Generalized Data Base Model for Heat Energy Radiated in Rolling Mill

Authors : Dr. M. S. Dhande
4 Tribological Characterization of Aluminium Functionally Graded Materials using different Reinforcing Elements

Authors : PNS.Srinivas, Ravindra Babu.P, Balakrishna.B
5 Generalized Data Base Model of Modernization for Smart City-2020

Authors : Dr. M. S. Dhande
6 Generalized Field Base Data Model for Improve Productivity of Education Envelope

Authors : Mitesh A. Sakore, Dr. M. S. Dhande
7 Assessment of Safety Integrity Requirements for Fired Heater System in Accordance with IEC 61508

Authors : Khalida Babouri, Riad Bendib
8 Generalized Data Base Model for Heat Loss in Aluminium Plant by Digital Design 4.0 industry with Research Gate, Google Scholar, & Scopus citation

Authors : Dr. M. S. Dhande, Pranay Mangrudkar, Praful Dhoble, Nishant Shekhar, Krunal Choudhary, Jatin Parate, Prajwal Vaidya